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Protecting and promoting medicine’s interests in Montgomery and in Washington, D.C., is a never-ending responsibility that requires participation from physicians across all specialties considering the magnitude of health issues you face each day. Be a voice for the house of medicine! Click for more information.

Alabama Physician Health Program

The Alabama Physician Health Program is a confidential, effective, compassionate, first-line resource for physicians and other medical professionals with potentially impairing conditions or illnesses. With APHP, you are not alone. These physicians, whether self-referred or mandated, may initially be hesitant to ask for help, APHP is their best advocate. APHP provides a safe environment where physicians can talk to other physicians about the stress and demands of modern medical practice. Click for more information.


In addition to our traditional educational conferences, Medical Association members have access to our new online, OnDemand Education Center, which features seven Alabama Opioid Prescribing courses that meet the Alabama Board of Medical Examiner requirements for holders of an ASCS and are FREE to Medical Association members. Click for more information.


The Medical Association’s Communications Department offers print and electronic media to keep our members informed by promoting messages about our advocacy efforts, special events, news and feature stories about our physician members. Members receive our award-winning quarterly magazine, Alabama Medicine, weekly e-newsletter, ROTUNDA, and have access to our online NewsCenter and social media channels for crucial information you need as a physician in a fast paced world. Click for more information.


Looking for insurance for you or your office? We offer affordable Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama insurance for our members, their families, and their office staff. This year we are proud to announce a 5.3% decrease in our rates and a new HSA option. Click for more information.


The Medical Association’s Medallion Vendor Program brings products and services to our members to make managing your medical practice more efficient. Each vendor is vetted by Association staff and Board of Censors to ensure preservation of our mission and goals as well as the potential to save you time and money in your medical practice. Click to see a full list of our corporate partners and how to contact them.

Third Party Task Force

We know it can be challenging working with third-party insurance providers. Our Third Party Task Force is designed to help our members navigate specific issues that might arise in your medical practice. Let us help you and your patients get the most from your care. Click for more information.

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