The Medical Association of the State of Alabama is proud to launch the Your Care is At Our Core Campaign in partnership with the American Medical Association (AMA) to strengthen America’s bond between physicians and patients.

Over the past few years, physicians have faced growing reputational challenges ignited by battles over the COVID-19 pandemic, science and evidence-based care, and the prevalence of mis- and disinformation. These factors have distracted us from what matters most – America’s physicians and the care they provide to patients.

The data speaks for itself – 89% of patients agree that the doctor-patient relationship is central to health care, and 79% of patients agree that red tape bureaucracy makes it harder for physicians to provide the best care to patients.

Unfortunately, decisions made by third parties like insurance companies and others in health care are dramatically limiting the time physicians can spend with their patients. Physicians understand that time spent listening to, responding to, and treating patients is essential to providing the quality care patients deserve. Health care can be an especially vulnerable space for patients, and establishing a meaningful relationship is necessary to build trust and provide the most effective care and treatment.

“The reason why I became a doctor is that I truly believe in the art and science of medicine. It’s the perfect blend of science and humanity in the way that makes the world a better place,” said Medical Association of the State of Alabama President Dr. George Koulianos. “Medicine is challenged today in ways it’s never been challenged. Be it the bureaucracy, the paperwork, the institutional inertia - the list goes on and on. It makes it very difficult for us to do what really matters which is take great care of our patients.”

Physicians are fighting alongside their patients. We look forward to amplifying their efforts through the Your Care is At Our Core campaign and hope you will continue to follow along.

Press release

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