What does the Medical Association do for you?

The oldest professional medical organization within the state, the Medical Association of the State of Alabama  began in 1873 when 30 physicians united to advance medical science and to raise the standards for their profession.  Today, we are more than 7,000 strong and represent more than 63% of Alabama physician members.   The Medical Association champions the same goals and ideals while representing the interests of physicians and protecting the quality of patient care.

Imagine what practicing medicine in Alabama would be like if no one were on call in the Alabama Legislature or in Congress to protect physicians’ interests.  Just like patients depend on physicians to be on call during an emergency, physicians need someone to depend on when the unexpected happens in healthcare.  The Medical Association is the advocate for physicians and patients in the state. As that advocate, we work tirelessly to protect the practice of medicine from efforts to undermine a physician’s ability to care for his or her patients.

The Medical Association also assists members with third party payer issues and has proven results to help our members.  Physicians, like patients, experience real life issues and turn to our nationally recognized  Alabama Physicians Health Program for assistance.  Timely communications through our social media outlets, quarterly magazine, weekly legislative emails and Website keep our members up to date on important issues, as well as organized member call to actions when our specialty needs a political voice.

We are also proud to offer competitive health and dental insurance plans for our physician members, their families and staff.  Our current health insurance plan is group rated, giving the best premiums possible to our membership with premier benefit plans to choose from.  Our Partners includes a wide variety of discounts and special programs exclusive to Medical Association members.  

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