Medicare Division Health Insurance

PIPA coverage for Medicare-covered physicians, family, and staff is available.  However, because of the Affordable Care Act certain eligibility requirements must be met.

In order to qualify, all of the following criteria must be met:
    1. The physician must be a full dues paying member of the Medical Association to participate, which includes paying regular annual medical association dues as well as your local county membership dues. 
    2. The physician’s former employer/practice must currently be participating in the Medical Associations insurance plan.
    3. Spouses and dependents can only have coverage if the physician member is participating in the Medical Associations insurance plan.
    4. Finally, as in the past, as a retiree you must have Medicare as your primary coverage and the Medical Associations plan will serve as your secondary insurance policy.
    * Physicians who are retired and otherwise Dues Exempt, are only required to pay State Dues.


Please note that the rates listed below apply to Medicare disabled and fully retired participants.  Part A and Part B of Medicare are required, so benefits for this Division are covered with Medicare primary and PIPA Health insurance secondary.  Spouses who have not yet reached age 65 and who are not Medicare eligible will continue to receive Blue Cross coverage as long as the physician member is eligible.

The 2023 PIPA High Option Medicare Retiree QUARTERLY Rates are as follows:

One Medicare Eligible     
Two Medicare Eligible    
One Medicare Eligible + One Non-Eligible
Family with One Medicare Eligible    
Family with Two Medicare Eligible
Family with Three Medicare Eligible



The Medicare Division is only available as High Option coverage. 
Rates include an administrative fee.
Optional dental coverage is available for physician members and their families.  The 2023 quarterly rates are $117.00 for individual and $303.00 for family.

In order to compare your PIPA plan to other individual plans being offered, go to  PIPA high option benefits equate to the BCBS Platinum Plan.  If you have any questions in regard to your medical or dental insurance, please contact Alex Beesley at at (334) 954-2514.

See below for Application for Insurance and Benefit Books

Please write "Retiree Division" on the top of your Application

PIPA Application

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