What has The Medical Association of the State of Alabama done for you lately?

1. Governmental Affairs Advocacy –We have taken a stand against non-physicians provider groups attempting to pass legislation that would allow them to practice medicine without having attended medical school. This year we defeated attempts by optometrists, CRNA’s, physical therapists, podiatrists, and others that would have allowed them to perform inappropriate surgery and practice independently. We believe that Medical School Matters, and support Physician-Led Team-Based care. 

2. Continuing Medical Education – The Medical Association of the State of Alabama recently launched an online CME portal where you can choose from a vast catalog of courses to receive the hours you need each year. We also offer 5 hours FREE For members in this online library.

3. Payer Hassles – The Medical Association of the State of Alabama’s Third Party Task Force has helped Alabama doctors avoid or mitigate countless reimbursement and administrative hassles. For example, we were able to negotiate with BCBS to allow multiple physicians to bill for Advanced Care Planning talks with their patients. Previously only one physicians was allowed to, so only either the primary care physician or the specialist were able to be reimbursed for this important discussion.

4. Opioid Epidemic – The Medical Association of the State of Alabama has led the way on prescriber education, important public policies, and other initiatives to combat Alabama’s opioid abuse epidemic. We have hosted over 110 hours of opioid education for physicians around the state of Alabama over the last two years.

5. Group Health Insurance – The Medical Association of the State of Alabama offers physicians the opportunity to provide health care for themselves and their staff through our Physicians Insurance Plan of Alabama. This robust plan provides gold standard coverage and we have seen decreases in premiums over the last two years. We also just added an HSA option for those who prefer that route. 

Please Join us if you are not already a member. We need your help to add to this list.