CME Requirements for Physicians and Physician Assistants

The CME requirement for physicians and physician assistants is twenty-five (25) AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ or equivalent annually (calendar year).  Credits must be earned between January 1 and December 31 of each year (grace period eliminated May 2012).  In addition, credits cannot be carried over from one year to the next.  Licensees are responsible for being familiar with and reading the Board rules concerning CME.

Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (MDs and DOs)
ACSC holders must receive two (2) AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ in controlled substances prescribing every two years.  These credits can count towards the 25 credits required for license renewal in the year they are earned.  You can earn one credit one year and one the next, two in one year and none the next, etc.  See the controlled substances prescribing CME page for more information.

Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (CRNPs/CNMs/PAs)
The 12-hour Prescribing and Pharmacology of Controlled Drugs course is required for PAs, CRNPs and CNMs to obtain a QACSC.  To renew a QACSC, PAs, CRNPs and CNMs must attend four hours of the twelve-hour Prescribing course, or any other Board-approved prescribing controlled substances course listed at, every two years.


The Board and Commission recognize the difficulty licensees may have meeting the annual continuing medical education requirement in 2020 due to the public health emergency. Consequently, all licensees (MD/DO/PA/AA) are exempt for 2020 from the annual requirement to earn 25 credits for license renewal, and no compliance audit for these 2020 credits will be conducted.
Credits earned in 2020 may not be rolled over to 2021 to meet the 2022 license renewal requirement.  In determining compliance with the controlled substances CME requirements for ACSCs (two credits biennially) and QACSCs (four credits biennially), the Board will extend the two-year period to include 2020. If your two-year period was 2019-2020, it is now 2019-2021. If it was 2020-2021, it is now 2020-2022. Qualifying controlled substances CME credits earned in 2020 may be used to comply with the biennial requirement.