The Medical Association of the State of Alabama Staff


Mark Jackson
Executive Director
Ashley Fielding
Finance Director
Sandra Fuqua
Board Secretary
Diane Bass
Director of Programs and Events
Amanda Studdard
IT and Events Manager

Alabama Physician Health Program

Robert C. Hunt, D.Min
Clinical Coordinator
Fay McDonnell
Case Manager
Caro Louise Jehle
Program Coordinator


Lori Quiller, APR
Director of Communications and Social Media


Judy DeBray
Director of Education, Council on Medical Education
Margaret McGuire
Coordinator of Provider Services

Government Relations

Richard Dickey Whitaker
Deputy Executive Director and Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs
Niko Corley
Director Legislative and Public Affairs
Christina Flack
Government Relations Office Administrator


Cheairs Porter
General Counsel
Angela Barentine


Meghan Martin
Director of Membership and Specialty Society Management
Brenda (Ellis) Green
PIPA Insurance Coordinator
Frankie Armstrong
Membership Coordinator
Jill Smith
Specialty Society CME Coordinator
Charlotte Morris
Membership and Specialty Society Coordinator