About Us

The Medical Association of the State of Alabama is the professional association for some 7,000 physicians of all specialties throughout Alabama. The association exists to serve, lead and unite physicians in promoting the highest quality of health care for the people of Alabama through advocacy, information and education.

Founded more than 140 years ago, the Medical Association's strategic agenda remains rooted in its historic commitment to the medical profession, physicians and the patients they serve.

Medical Association is one of a very few truly democratic organizations. The membership has vital input into the workings of the association through the elected College of Counsellors and House of Delegates. This body not only elects the Board of Censors, but also votes on policy resolutions that guide the Board and staff in issues of importance to physicians.

The Medical Association of the State of Alabama is unified with county societies. In other words, physicians must be a member of their county society to be a member of the state association. The association also works closely with the American Medical Association and specialty societies at the state and national level on a variety of issues.

The Alliance to the Medical Association of the State of Alabama is an affiliate group made up of physicians and physician spouses that assists the association in its programs for the advancement of preventive medicine and securing adequate medical legislation. The Alliance promotes health education and supports health-related charitable endeavors.