The Alliance to the Medical Association of the State of Alabama (AMASA) is a group of physician spouses and physicians working in partnership with the Medical Association of the State of Alabama to support medical families and improve health. Since 1923, AMASA has served the state and local communities by promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting health-related charitable organizations. For more information on becoming a member, contact the AMASA First Vice President, Shipla Burkett at for Membership. To keep up-to-date on our activities and projects, join us on facebook.
Leadership Development
Under the direction of the AMASA president, two leadership training opportunities are offered each year. In addition, affiliate organizations offer a variety of training at the regional and national level. 

Health Projects
AMASA supports local and state-wide health projects to improve health in Alabama. At the county level, each Alliance participates in projects to meet various needs in their community. AMASA provides grant opportunities each year to help support this local work.  The grants are awarded at the Fall Conference.

Legislative Projects
In addition to the Health Grants mentioned above, AMASA also provides Legislative Grants to counties that plan a project to increase awareness of current legislative issues affecting our state and nation.  The grants are awarded at the Fall Conference.

Medical Student Scholarship Fund
The AMASA Medical Student Scholarship fund was established by a partnership AMASA and the Medical Foundation of Alabama in 2012 to assist third year medical students with expenses relating to the senior year of medical school.  Thirty-six scholarships have been awarded totaling $73,500.  

2024 applications  will be accepted through Jan 31, 2024. 

The AMA Alliance is the largest organization representing the family of medicine in the United States. The Alliance network represents all stages of the medical lifestyle, from the training years to retirement. Your fellow members are one of the greatest benefits of your Alliance membership!

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