The Medical Association of the State of Alabama and the Charleston County Medical Society in South Carolina are working together to offer Alabama physicians the opportunity to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Find all PPE Products Information & Certification Documents on the order page. We want to help keep your offices open, while providing a safe environment for you, your staff, and patients. To make this initiative work, VOLUME and QUICK COMMITMENT are needed.  PPE supply and prices are changing frequently.
• PPE is offered to physician members of The Medical Association of the State of Alabama only. You will be asked to provide identifying information when placing an order.
• The product will be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.
• Orders with $500 worth of products receive Free Shipping.
• Any questions? Please email us at We will try to respond as promptly as possible.

To help us properly track orders and anticipate future need, please start the ordering process by clicking on the link below. You must be a member and have an online account with us to order. If you have issues logging in contact us at 334-954-2500 or

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SaniStrap contains wristband, two refillable bottles, and one travel size refill bottle. Please note, sanitizer is NOT included. A liquid sanitizer is recommended.

Use SaniStrap™ after touching suspect surfaces and before touching personal items.
Use SaniStrap™ at work, at home and when on-the-go. CDC recommends routine hand cleansing after possible infectious exposure using soap and water.

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Hand Sanitizer

The Medical Association has partnered with Blue Ridge Southern Supply, LLC in Georgia to provide a Hand Sanitizer ordering solution.
Hand Sanitizer Options Available are:
70% Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer. Twelve (12), One (1) Liter bottles with pull tab cap. Unscented.
• You must be a Medical Association Member to order at a discount of $13/bottle
• A discount code will be provided for additional savings
• Shipping is direct to you from Blue Ridge, GA in 3-4 business days.

If you have issues logging in contact us at 334-954-2500 or
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