What is ALAPAC? 
ALAPAC is the Alabama Medical Political Action Committee, the official political committee of the Medical Association and Alabama physicians.  ALAPAC’s purpose is to aid in the election of candidates for state office who understand the professional needs and goals of physicians and their families. 

How is ALAPAC organized?
ALAPAC is governed by an all-physician Board of Directors, currently composed of 12 individuals of various specialties and the current President of the Medical Association.  

Under the Board of Directors are 11 Regional PAC Boards composed entirely of local physicians.  Physicians serving on Regional Board must be nominated by either their state specialty society, their county medical society, or their practice.  All nominations for Regional Boards must be ratified by the Board of Directors.  For more information on eligibility requirements, contact us. 

How are candidates selected or vetted? 
Support for incumbents is largely based on the individual’s voting record and his or her general attitude toward medicine.  Support for a candidate seeking open seats is generally determined through discussions with ALAPAC staff and/or Regional Board members or members of the Board of Directors to ascertain the candidate's general attitude toward medicine, philosophy on issues of interest to medicine, recommendations from local physicians and other information.  ALAPAC is nonpartisan, meaning it does not support candidates based solely on party affiliation. 

Who decides which candidates ALAPAC supports?
Regional Boards meet periodically throughout an election cycle and also as special elections come up in non-election years to vet contribution requests for candidates within their respective region.  Regional Boards then vote to recommend campaign support for individual candidates to the Board of Directors.  In the case of candidates for statewide office, all members of the Regional Boards participate in meetings with the Board of Directors to discuss which candidates to support.  

Does ALAPAC issue candidate endorsements? 
No, ALAPAC does not endorse any candidate for any office.  However, ALAPAC does communicate to physicians which candidates have received support from medicine. 

Be a part of the solution! Join ALAPAC today.

ALAPAC Membership Fees
Physician memberships:
Capitol Club $500
Active $250
Retired $100
Residents/Students $ 25

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON PAC CONTRIBUTIONS. Contributions to Alabama Medical PAC (ALAPAC) are not tax deductible. Political contributions to ALAPAC are voluntary and are not limited to the suggested amount. The Medical Association will not favor or disadvantage any person based on the amount of the member’s contribution or a failure to contribute. This is not a solicitation for PAC contributions from any individuals who are foreign nationals (non-green-card holders). Contributions by foreign nationals are prohibited by Federal law.

"The person who says that he is above politics is really saying that Democracy is beneath him."

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